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There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. If you are looking for a vintage Dunhill lighter to add to your collection, eBay has a large selection of affordable models for sale. Before you make your purchase, there are some things to know about Dunhill lighters that might help you make your final selection. The styles that eBay has for sale include the Dunhill Rollalite cigarette lighter, which is a handheld pocket lighter with a ribbed case, and the Rollalite, which is available in a gold-tone or silver-tone finish. Varieties of Dunhill pocket or handheld lighters include a Sylphide lift-arm lighter, a sterling silver Dunhill Unique sports lift-arm lighter, a Dunhill gold lighter, and a Dunhill watch lighter. You might also find a rare green Shagreen Sharkskin lighter, a Swiss gold-plated Rollagas handheld lighter, a Dunhill gas lighter with a Florentine pattern, or a rare solid silver Shanghai pocket lighter with a dragon engraving.

Dunhill Red Lighter Flints

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The less we smoke the more collectors crave lighters — none more so than iconic Dunhill aquarium lighters from the s, writes Nicholas Wells. A time when when smoking was so chic, it came with a number of stylish accoutrements. Our diminishing love affair with nicotine has sparked a passion for smoking paraphernalia. None less so than in the field of lighters — with one brand and one style standing out. Many years ago Piers Woodnutt, my great friend and colleague at the London dealer Mallett, introduced me to a field of collecting I knew very little about.

Since seeing and handling the first Dunhill aquarium lighters, I have been spellbound by them ever since. They are incredibly realistic pieces of art with beautiful depth and complexity that to this day offer a timeless addition to any antique collection. They cross the divide of a functional luxury object, combined with a quirkiness and uniqueness that makes every one of them special.

Combine this with a limited supply and, voila, you have a strong collecting field fuelled by enthusiastic collectors and dealers aspiring to have the best collections. The lighters and boxes were made from lucite, which was developed in WWII as an alternative to glass, because of its shatterproof qualities, it was invaluable for everything from airplane windshields to submarine periscopes.

The panels were hand carved with reverse intaglios using dental tools and drills. As the range grew, scenes became populated with ever more ambitious designs of varying depth and complexity.

Guide to Dunhill Aquarium Lighters

United States Patent Ballantyne 1 Dec. Mayewky Attamey. Brisebois et a1.

Auth DUNHILL Blue Marble Pattern K18 Gold-Plated Rollagas Lighter Gold / Blue grade pieces to aid in the classification and dating of Dunhill lighters.

Share best practices, tips, and insights. Meet other eBay community members who share your passions. This vintage Dunhill Unique 9K lighter belonged to my Mother in Law’s grandfather, and we were trying to find out more about it. This board deals mostly in jewelry; I’d try the Antiques board with a piece like this. As far as the mongramming goes, I’d say it would be fairly common for something as expensive as this was originally.

Dunhills were never cheap. The above link gives history about the Dunhill Lighter together with pictures and information of the various models. The Dunhill Unique was made in

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Livraison gratuite. The Dunhill Petrol Lighter. Foreward by Richard Dunhill. Introduction by Luciano Bottoni. Still factory sealed condition.

It is stamped “dunhill” “made in switzerland” and “us re or “. Super information, aghcollect, and thanks for the great link to date the lighters by the.

The earliest lighters were tinder pistols, invented in the mid-seventeenth century, shortly after the first flintlock firearms were made. Resourceful gunsmiths began recycling broken pistols, using the barrel to store tinder rather than gunpowder. The trigger released a mechanism that struck a piece of iron and directed the sparks onto the tinder, which would ignite. Table tinder pistols were often combined with candlesticks, clocks and inkwells, while pocket models were designed to be carried like a weapon.

The solution arrived about 60 years later with the fusee, an early version of the wick lighter. A steel wheel struck a flint, producing sparks that ignited the fusee a piece of cord submerged in fuel. In , Austrian chemist Carl Auer von Welsbach combined iron and cerium to create “Auer metal,” which essentially became the small flint still used in lighters today. Welsbach’s invention made lighters more efficient, safer and ultimately more popular –one flick of a finger produced a spark.

Manuals are striker lighters in which a flint is attached to part of the instrument. The body contains a steel rod enclosing a wick soaked in petrol. By striking the steel rod on the flint, a series of sparks ignites the wick. On semiautomatic models, the cover automatically rises when the turnwheel is triggered or, in some models, lifting the cover activates the flint wheel.

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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. Four lighters classic mid 20th century design. By Dupont and Dunhill in steel, gold plated steel, resin and steel finishes. Dunhill ‘Tinder Pistol’ cigar lighter, 20th century, stamped ‘Dunhill, Tinder pistol, made in England,

Alfred Dunhill. A cigarette lighter, a cigar cutter and, – Sale Date: June 25, Auction Closed. AN GOLD AND OPAL CIGARETTE LIGHTER BY.

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1970s Dunhill Silver-Plated ‘Rollagas’ Lighter

Manufacturers – England. Dunhill Broadboy. Made in: England. Year: pat.

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No other flints are wide enough and may jam in your lighter, the same way that Dunhill flints are too large for most other lighter brands and may damage your lighter. Dunhill Red Lighter Flints are slightly softer than cheaper competitive flint products, so using a Dunhill flint will create a greater spark and will reduce the wear on the flint wheel. This will extend the time between servicing your Dunhill Rollagas Lighter.

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How to Replace the Flint for a Dunhill Rollagas Lighter

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