Korean food: 40 best dishes we can’t live without

Metrics details. Korean food has countless health benefits and has been used for centuries to keep the body in balance. Food and medicine are usually considered as one and the same thing. The idea that health starts with food means that medical treatment should be tried if any effect is not seen after trying to treat all diseases first with food. In order to help balance the body energies, there are five elements in these foods, namely fire, wood, water, metal, and earth. The dishes of the Korean people are synonymous with being healthy and delicious. To keep the body warm and healthy, the Koreans have developed fermented foods that improve metabolism. Korean gastronomy has been established on healthy food.

Eat Your Kimchi: A Foreign Couple Living in Korea

We tried to upload this video from DR but the internet at the hotel made it impossible. So this is a very interesting topic! Growing up in Toronto meant that it was easy to meet and date someone that was not from the same culture as you. Even basic things like just seeing people of different cultures at your school or in your neighbourhood was normal, but that is not the norm in Korea.

Korea is a country that is very homogeneous.

Koreans eat it every day with every single meal, and many feel Kimchi has a long history in Korea, dating back to at least the Baekje Era (

For more than 80 years, one restaurant in Seoul has epitomised what true galbi should be. Through an open window into the kitchen, I could see flames leaping off the grill as strips of meat were laid on, the marinade sizzling violently and unleashing aromas that tormented my grumbling stomach. I realised that in 11 years of visiting Seoul, I had never seen a Korean barbecue restaurant this busy at lunchtime.

What’s the most authentic Korean barbecue you’ve ever had? Weigh in and join the discussion on Facebook. Waitresses in jet-black aprons flitted back and forth from the kitchen carrying steaming-hot trays past framed scrolls of Korean calligraphy to tables full of locals-only diners. Once tableside, the servers cut the meat into bite-sized pieces using kitchen scissors, leaving some attached to the bones with chewy connective tissue. Each piece of the galbi seemed to have a slightly different texture: some were meltingly tender while others required more jaw work.

Whether the meat was eaten alone or paired with any one of the vegetable side dishes on the table, the flavours were bold, memorable and mouth-wateringly delicious. Today, the sprawling, neon-lit megacity of Seoul has hundreds of Korean barbecue restaurants, and Joseonok is by no means the most famous or trendy of them. Yet, many Seoulites believe that Joseonok is the epitome of what Korean barbecue should be. Whereas most Korean barbecue restaurants place a grill in the middle of each table and let diners cook their own meat, Joseonok has shunned this relatively recent trend and stuck to the traditional way of serving galbi: having just one chef in the kitchen who cooks for everyone.

Best Summer Korean Food in Korea

Party up a storm making this fantastically sour, funky fermented vegetable side dish that accompanies every Korean meal. It’s that time of year again—with the onset of winter, Koreans collectively roll up their sleeves to engage in a timeless ritual called gimjang. Gimjang, also spelled kimjang , refers to the practice of making large quantities of kimchi—the fantastically sour, funky fermented vegetable side dish that accompanies every Korean meal—to consume through the frigid months.

dating in korea eat your kimchi cafe Introduction Hongdae is a neighborhood known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground.

By Colin Marshall. But then, the Simon and Martina Stawskis of the world have redefined the very nature of celebrity, a word that may once have identified only those known by nothing more than name and face to tens of millions, but has now expanded to cover those known much more intimately if still indirectly, and even if the economics sucks by thousands or even hundreds. It stands to reason, then, that these new kinds of celebrities, making their new forms of entertainment, would require a new form of live performance, or rather live appearance, or rather something else intriguingly in-between.

Well, one man did eventually get in line, but he prefaced his question by saying that his wife had brought him there. Far from Seoul out in the countryside resides another multicultural Korea-vlogging couple, the Australian Nicola and the Korean Sun-hong, who do the series My Korean Husband. They, too, have told their meeting story to the internet, and have much else besides to say on the subject of love: how to get a Korean boyfriend , things to consider when dating or marrying a Korean guy , how a Korean man should introduce his foreign girlfriend , the differences in dating culture between Korea and Australia , and so on.

Their videos give a sense of the standard forms this sort of vlogging has found so far: sometimes the hosts sit down and recount their experiences straight at you, chopped up by jump cuts a few bloopers strategically left in and accompanied by an often ukulele-driven score; sometimes you get fragments of their experiences out and about, cut together after their capturing with a handheld or selfie stick-mounted camera.

A vlogger named Cory May , for whose detailed urbanistic explorations of Seoul I tune in, once posted a tour of an apartment that looks eerily similar to mine. Some try to bridge the gap with sheer exuberance, to mixed results. Michael Aronson , representing the male Korea vloggers, has also done a somewhat askew version of that standard , though he packs much more weirdness into his minute-long standoff with a whining pile of kimchi. Other Korea vloggers have no need to dedicate episodes to explaining their infrequent use of Korean, because they use it all the time.

The prospect of hearing an Australian city described by a genuine Aussie in Korean had intrigued me, but Sara chose to conduct that episode, a food tour, almost wordlessly. Despite that, and despite having been shot far outside Korea, it somehow captured perhaps the most important common quality of Korea vlogs, or indeed, perhaps vlogs in general: a near-fetishistic fixation on things edible which, in the case of at least one Korean vlogger , has crossed the line straight into fetishism, or the satire thereof.

KMK: 10 Korean Cultural Customs

What has studying the Eat Your Kimchi community taught me throughout my study? I have learnt to see Eat Your Kimchi as a window. A portal. A way to access something new and exciting South Korean culture, being part of an international fan community while still being comforted and accommodated by something familiar English language, YouTube as a medium of expression and community.

The Canadian pair, both 30, run the popular Korean culture YouTube channel Eat Your Kimchi from Seoul, South Korea. See also: Where Have.

View Results. See contact information and martina stawski the. Listen to help us, character, eat your kimchi kpop drama addicts subtitles forum index this week’s speaker’s corner talks about couple culture. Hello simon. We make videos for. Download past episodes of dawdling and firewood and smoking. What are your kimchi in korea eat your kimchi podcast – lp dating and simon and their date night at all. So what are your kimchi sushi. Would you post pretty.

We make videos featuring the problems.

Beyond kimchi in South Korea: How to eat your way around the Winter Olympics host nation

I never knew how misinformed I was, when it came to South Korea. I also tried to search as many blogs and watch video blogs from people who already lived in Korea to get a better idea of what the country, culture and people were like. After living in South Korea for almost two years these are some of the things I found some disparities in.

This may be shocking to some, but the answer is no. There are plenty of Koreans that really love kimchi and eat it with almost all of their meals.

It’s that time of year again—with the onset of winter, Koreans of Korea’s earliest cookbooks dating back to , describes kimchi as a pickled.

I had had a very frustrating day. What was suppose to be a relaxing day off turned into a hot, annoying, and tiring day than involved me falling down in the subway after leaving the train at the last minute when the doors closed. I was feeling out of my element, and a bit fed up with the unfamiliarity. I decided then that I needed to find some place to relax and calm down. I arrive in Hongdae and made my way to the cafe. It was quiet and a bit deserted for an early afternoon.

JUST what I needed! I was touched to witness as I was leaving a young Korean male walk over to a table with 2 Caucasian females and ask them for help on his English homework. It was really nice to see. It shows you the world around you, how to get to the places you want to get to, but tell you where you are, right there in the centre of it: you Are Here.

Kimchi Making Class in Seoul: All the Boys Wanna Eat My Kimchi!

Even in the same Asian region, Korean men have a straightforward image of affection compared to Japanese men. There may be many Japanese women who have been attracted to their masculinity in Korean dramas, as they tend to be as portrayed as protecting women. Although Korea is a familiar country, there are many differences in culture and values. If you are in a relationship, whether it be dating or a marriage, you may feel the differences.

And several of the men I’ve seen hosting Korea vlogs do it, like EYK, as one the differences in dating culture between Korea and Australia, and so on. Eat Your Kimchi made a big part of their name on not just episodes.

It is painfully cold, about 23 degrees, and I am grateful for the sun shining strongly on my back, warming me like a lizard basking on a rock. I gaze up at the mountains surrounding the valley and the fluffy clouds hugging them; they have a cozy quality about them, happily cuddling the autumn-leaved mountain tops.

I take a deep breath. The smell hits me at once. That undeniably funky, in-your-face stench of spicy, garlicky, fermented cabbage—the smell of kimchi. I love it. Like a ripened blue cheese, kimchi is an acquired taste. But after the first bite, you risk becoming completely addicted. Koreans eat it every day with every single meal, and many feel tragically incomplete without having consumed it at least once daily.

My own parents are indeed guilty of this rather embarrassing crime, and I remember cringing whenever my mom fervently busted out a pack of kimchi, as if it were some kind of emergency survival food, while we were traveling.

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I must admit my image of Korea was somewhat hazy before my visit. To get noticed Korea relies on its 48 million strong population who have turned a poor agricultural backwater ravaged by war into a technological and industrial giant, with brand names known across the globe. Modern as Korea may seem, this is still a society with deep-rooted and age-old traditions, many of which are strongly connected to food, dining and food preparation.

Date of birth, 20 January, Simon and Martina moved to Korea in as English teachers and started to film videos for their families. In Simon and Martina closed the Eat Your Kimchi Studio and moved to Japan in hopes of.

EatYourKimchi leaving Korea for Japan eatyourkimchi. I watched some of their videos over the years. I enjoyed their food videos in particular, but cringed a bit at their attempts to explain certain elements of Korean culture and society. Anyway, I wish them luck in Japan and I’ll continue to check out their videos periodically, but more importantly I hope Martina’s health improves. Yes it does. Shit sucks. I can literally pop any joint out of socket with the slightest movement if I’m not careful.

Especially their pronunciation of “mandu”.

Date Night at the Movies

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