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Hypertension – or high blood pressure – affects millions of Americans. Endocrine hypertension is a subset of hypertension caused by hormone imbalance, most frequently involving the pituitary or adrenal gland. Patients who develop hypertension before the age of 30 who have a strong family history of hypertension, adrenal tumors, or develop a low potassium level hypokalemia should be screened for endocrine hypertension. Patients who have poor blood pressure control despite taking three or more blood pressure medications resistant hypertension should also be screened. Endocrine hypertension can be caused when glands produce too much or not enough hormone, or when they are affected by tumors. The most common form of endocrine hypertension, primary aldosteronism affects an estimated 5 percent to 10 percent of all patients with hypertension and is often under diagnosed.

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So, when you see cal BP, think ” years backward the say backward ” or what calculates to the backward year 50 BCE. No backward common backward date is published, it will always mean that. Thermolumiscence dating , on the other hand, has a unique situation. Unlike radiocarbon dates, TL dates are calculated in straight calendar years—and the dates measured range from a few years to hundreds of thousands of years.

It might not matter if a ,year-old luminescence date was measured in or.

Find the latest BP p.l.c. (BP) stock quote, history, news and other vital information Breaking News • Jul 30, Ex-Dividend Date, Aug 13, BP said in June it would evaluate its portfolio of discoveries and leave some undeveloped.

As BP engineers in the Gulf of Mexico scramble to contain a still-expanding oil slick, many people around the world are doing more than just watching anxiously. Some 5, suggestions have been submitted through an online suggestion box set up by the oil giant and the Coast Guard, and thousands more are circulating through YouTube videos, in Internet chat rooms and in e-mails sent to media organizations.

Anything ranging from crazy ideas to ones that actually sound sensible. Given that BP itself has tried or considered chemical dispersants, skimmer ships, boom barriers, a giant containment dome, a smaller “top hat,” a giant pipe to siphon off the oil and a “junk shot” to plug the leak, perhaps suggestions from the public might be welcome to deal with the spill gushing from the seabed since an April 20 explosion sank the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

Many of the suggestions involve the use of absorbent materials, which presumably would be needed in massive quantities to attack the more than 4 million gallons of crude believed to have flooded into the Gulf of Mexico. Readers and posters have suggested spreading packing peanuts, sawdust, kitty litter and nylon stockings stuffed with hair to soak up the gooey mess. Yes, it would take millions of filters.

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In almost all archaeology books and articles the authors use dates. This is the Christian era in the Gregorian calendar, starting from 1 AD as the year in which Christ was believed to have been born. The date was calculated about years after the event, so was a broad estimate. If lower case letters are used, this often means that the date is based on an uncalibrated radiocarbon date see below for date calibrations. Battle of Hastings was in CE.

First used almost years ago, it has become especially popular from the late twentieth century to emphasise secularism or sensitivity to non-Christians.

The Spindletop gusher—the largest to date—fuels a major oil rush in Texas​, of oil per month, supplementing U.S. production of about 30 million barrels a month. In a speech to Congress, Eisenhower says the Middle East would be a BP and Amoco (the largest foreign takeover of a U.S. company to date).

A dead fish is seen on the side of a road in Venice, Louisiana May 3, As a huge oil slick advanced toward the Gulf Coast shoreline, the London-based company came under increasing pressure to do more to stop, or at least control, what is fast turning into the worst oil spillage in U. Comments by U. Attorney General Eric Holder that the Justice Department was involved in the investigation of the incident raised the specter of wide liability for BP over the spill after an April 20 explosion at a rig drilling its well.

Holder has sent two top Justice officials to New Orleans. The White House again stressed U. In Louisiana, the first point of impact for the slick, rough weather once again hampered efforts to lay protective plastic booms to keep the oil from the shore. People living along the Gulf coast were bracing for the slick. I mean, not just the customers. In a visit to Louisiana, one of four coastal states at risk, Obama stressed on Sunday BP was responsible for paying for the cleanup involving hundreds of boats and planes and thousands of military and civil personnel across five U.

Hayward said the technical options his company was working on to try to seal the ruptured well included an undersea containment system that would capture the leaking oil and channel it to a tanker on the surface. Another option was the drilling of a relief well to intersect the ruptured well and try to control and plug the flow that way, Hayward added.

Radiocarbon Calibration

This figure is directly based on the proportion of radiocarbon found in the sample. It is calculated on the assumption that the atmospheric radiocarbon concentration has always been the same as it was in and that the half-life of radiocarbon is years. To give an example if a sample is found to have a radiocarbon concentration exactly half of that for material which was modern in the radiocarbon measurement would be reported as BP.

In order to see what a radiocarbon determination means in terms of a true age we need to know how the atmospheric concentration has changed with time. Many types of tree reliably lay down one tree ring every year.

Radiocarbon dating was invented in the late ‘s, and within a few decades, it was discovered that while the dates retrieved from the method.

Work on the well had been performed just before the explosion by Halliburton. Oil leaked from the ruptured well head until 15 July when it was temporarily stopped; approximately 4. People dependent on fishing and tourism have been severely affected, along with those in other industries, including some farther from the Gulf Coast. Concerns have also been raised in relation to health hazards for clean-up workers and coastal residents, including harms allegedly caused by chemicals used to disperse the oil made by Nalco.

The explosion and spill have given rise to many lawsuits. By early December , hundreds of lawsuits had been filed against the companies involved; this number is likely to increase further. Lawsuits have been brought in both federal and state courts for a selection see below. People claiming to have suffered economic harm from the spill can also seek compensation through the Gulf Coast Claims Facility.

There are two possible claims through the Claims Facility; emergency payments and long-term settlement. Emergency payments do not prevent the claimants from suing for additional or future losses; however, if a long-term settlement offer is accepted and received, the claimant forgoes the right to sue BP. Several U. Government investigations have been launched into the oil spill including civil and criminal probes conducted by the Justice Department.

The criminal investigation looks into whether improper relations between corporate officials and federal regulators contributed to the accident and breaches of environmental laws. BP says that it will answer the allegations in a timely manner and will continue to cooperate with government investigations.

Deepwater Horizon – BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

It can be a serious disease for younger people, and many millennials have chronic physical and mental health conditions. Mila Clarke Buckley, 30, of Katy, Tex. By Roni Caryn Rabin. Until several days ago, some bars and restaurants were still packed with St.

BP, plaintiffs attorneys say discovery request should be rejected Published: Friday, September 14, , PM Updated: Friday, September 14, , PM they have not demonstrated good cause for discovery at this late date,” the​.

The disbursement has the same timeline as the disbursement, so you should expect to receive your check at a similar date. Because of the large volume, mailing will begin in July, through August, The deadline to request a check reissue will be October 31, If you can request a check reissue online here , or fill out the paper reissue form here and mail it to the following address:.

Scharfstein v. Box Portland, OR To get your check reissued you must fill out either the web or paper form. Written request without the paper form will not be processed. If you wish to update your address, you must write to: Scharfstein v. Box , Portland, OR to update your address for the disbursement phase.

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Explore frequently asked questions and answers about the Human Genome Project and its impact on the field of genomics. A genome is an organism’s complete set of deoxyribonucleic acid DNA , a chemical compound that contains the genetic instructions needed to develop and direct the activities of every organism. DNA molecules are made of two twisting, paired strands. Each strand is made of four chemical units, called nucleotide bases. The bases are adenine A , thymine T , guanine G and cytosine C.

Half of adults (30 million) with blood pressure ≥/90 mm Hg who should be taking medication to control their blood pressure aren’t prescribed.

By the end of this week, for example, nearly all elementary and secondary school students in the East South Central region — a Census Bureau division that includes Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi and Tennessee — will be back in school. But not a single district in the nine New England and Middle Atlantic states will resume classes before Aug. Historically, the tourism and hospitality industries have favored later back-to-school dates, arguing that they give families more time to take vacations and teenagers more time to work summer jobs.

Earlier this year, the law was amended to permit districts to open up to two weeks earlier , so long as they also give students a four-day Labor Day weekend. Still, six of the 10 Virginia districts in our sample are starting their school years after Labor Day; two will open Aug. To get a sense of when students head back to school, we looked at the 10 largest local school districts by enrollment in each state except for Hawaii and the District of Columbia, which have only one district apiece.

We excluded private and parochial schools, public charter schools, state-run schools and other educational institutions that often operate on their own schedules. For each district in the sample, we determined the date or dates on which most of their first-throughth graders started fall classes. Kindergartners often start school later than their older peers.

When start dates were staggered by school or grade level, we used a date range. The 22 exceptions are in nearby Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. Are students going back to school earlier than they used to? About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world.

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